10MG Delta 9 MANGO KUSH Gummy with a 0:1 ratio of THC and NO CBD. We’ve herd your requests, and we’re thrilled to bring you this exciting addition to our gummy lineup. These gummies are a game-changer, and you won’t want to miss out.

What’s inside these gummies, you ask? Well, we’ve packed a substantial 10MG of Delta 9 THC into each one, perfectly balanced with 0MG of CBD 🙂 creating an ideal 0:1 ratio. These gummies are designed to give you a memorable high.

If you’re someone with a tolerance that can rival a hot air balloon’s altitude, these gummies are your golden opportunity to elevate your experience. And let’s not forget the flavor – it’s a mango explosion in your mouth, a taste sensation you won’t soon forget.

Don’t hesitate! Join the party, grab a bottle or two of these Mango Kush gummies, and let the good vibes take flight! 🚀🌟

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