Founder and ceo

Jonathan Gardner

Papa’s Cloud was founded with the mission to create innovative ways to consume the world’s premium vegan Delta-8 and Delta-9 hemp edibles. Our journey started in my kitchen in April 2021, then white labeling products in April 2022, and with the help of a partner we began formulating our own products in late 2022.

As the founder of Papa’s Cloud, Jon Gardner has a personal connection with CBD. In 2020, he suffered a massive heart attack and during the recovery phase he started incorporating CBD and Functional Mushrooms into his daily routine, alongside diet and exercise. His doctor was impressed with the results after his three-month check-up and encouraged him to continue. Jon saw the potential benefits of CBD for both humans and animals, and began sharing it with his ailing father, a US veteran, and his own dog.

As a father of a child with mild-autism, Jon was eager to try this for his son. He consulted with medical professionals and began administering Full Spectrum + THC to his son, and saw a significant improvement in his behavior and mental health. This experience led Jon to create his own blend of Full Spectrum + THC gummies, with the goal of helping other families who have children with mild autism and other mental health conditions. Jon realized the need to create organic, all-natural hemp products that would help people and their pets. Following the passing of his father and family dog, Jon was motivated to honor their memory by creating a company that would benefit both consumers and the planet.

At Papa’s Cloud, we manufacture all of our supplements in the USA with rigorous FDA and GMP standards. Our products are third-party tested and certified for safety, potency, and consistency. We believe in our products so much that we offer free samples to anyone who’s on the fence.

We are committed to advocating for the plant world and producing organic, all-natural hemp-derived vegan sweets for adults. Our vegan gummies are free of dairy, gelatin, honey, and bone-char refined sugar, and are rigorously tested for potency and contaminants. We take pride in the quality of the products we sell and are dedicated to preserving and protecting the planet’s biodiversity and natural resources.

As we grow, we want to be a great place to work and contribute in a meaningful way to our community and the planet. We support fair-trade efforts and are committed to providing the largest selection of 100% natural dye-free Delta-8 and Delta-9 sweets and pet treats available anywhere.

Experience the benefits of CBD and Delta-9 with Papa’s Cloud. Find your vibe with our all-natural, vegan hemp products.